From Users to Defenders: Empowering the Human Factor in Cybersecurity

From Users to Defenders: Empowering the Human Factor in Cybersecurity

Business Stream Overview

Despite advancements in technology, human error remains a weak link that attackers can exploit. This session emphasises the crucial role individuals play in safeguarding digital systems against the evolving threat landscape.

Our speakers will explore the different human behaviours that contribute to security breaches and will discuss practical strategies that organisations can take to minimise security breaches. 

Stream Lead Facilitator:
David Lello, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Burning Tree

David has 30+ years of experience, designing & delivering architectures across the business & technology landscape, including information security & financial systems with a proven track record in delivering transformational & improvement programs for Identity & Access Management & Information Security.

David Has delivered many consulting engagements for Burning Tree’s blue-chip clients focused specifically on Security Improvement, Transformation & IAM.

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Stream Talks And Topics

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Nihil Morjaria, Chief Revenue Officer - usecure

Nihil joined the usecure team in 2018 and has overseen the global sales operations throughout the company’s rapid growth across the IT channel, helping MSPs boost their service value and secure their clients through usecure’s Human Risk Management platform 

Alistair Mills, Director of Sales Engineering, Middle East & Northern Europe

Alistair Mills is a Cyber Security Expert with over 15 years’ experience. He enjoys the challenge of running teams who work on complex technical solutions that help organisations to protect their people and secure their data. Prior to Proofpoint, Alistair worked at Forcepoint, Symantec and Sophos.  

Ryan Dumigan, MSP-EMEA Manager - Keeper Security

Ryan Dumigan has worked in active warzones to busy offices all over the globe. Consolidating ,attracting and empowering a network of MSP’s and Distributors across EMEA. Creating Growth Opportunities by building effective partnerships.When not doing all this can be found falling off a surfboard on a coast near you. 

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