Cyber Resilience in the Age of NIS2: Strategies and Best Practices

Cyber Resilience in the Age of NIS2: Strategies and Best Practices

Business Stream Overview

With the introduction of the European Union’s NIS2 directive, companies must prioritise cyber resilience to protect critical infrastructure. During this session cybersecurity experts will address the challenges and risks organisations face when it comes to meeting NIS2 requirements and provide an insight into best practices for achieving cyber resilience.

Stream Lead Facilitator:
Rowan Fogarty – Chief Operations Officer VigiTrust Ltd

More than 30 years Consulting, Advisory and Leadership in regulated global industries, Information Technology, Aviation, Supply Chain, Security and Pharmaceuticals, including BearingPoint Consulting, DAA, PA Consulting and DHL. Roles include, Head of Safety, Security and Operational Compliance, European Field Services Director for DHL Express & Global Customer Operations Director for DHL Express. ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, Advanced Diploma in Data Protection Law

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Stream Talks And Topics

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Morten Gammelgard, EVP EMEA/Global - BullWall

Morten Gammelgard has over 20 years of experience in the software and hardware industries. He currently serves as Global EVP, Sales, and Operations at BullWall and has guided the company to four consecutive years of doubling revenue growth and profitability. He has worked with customers across all verticals, from niche to top 500 companies, including Verizon, Sun Life, IBM, VMware, Dell, and Shell. Morten is a co-founder at BullWall, a company laser-focused on providing companies with a reliable and innovative solution to contain ransomware outbreaks the moment illegitimate encryptions start to corrupt the data – hence mitigating the disruption, damage, and high costs usually associated with falling victim to ransomware when all other defenses have failed. 

Will Gray - Area Director – Europe North, SecurityScorecard

Will has spent the last 15 years working in technology encompassing roles with large corporations such as RSA Security as well as start ups looking to bring new and innovative solutions to the European market. Will has been with SecurityScorecard for 5+ years, during which our customer base has grown exponentially to include thousands of customers across all major industry verticals.

Director, Channel Sales UK & Ireland, SonicWall

Tristan Bateup is a cybersecurity veteran with over 15 years of industry experience, having worked in roles spanning both distribution and vendor sectors. Currently serving as the Channel Director for the UK and Ireland at SonicWall, Tristan is a regular speaker at various industry events across the UK and Ireland. His presentations delve into the intricacies of the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, offering valuable insights and actionable strategies to navigate and mitigate risks effectively. Tristan is deeply committed to fostering innovation and enabling organizations to strengthen their cyber defenses. His proficiency lies in providing organizations with cutting-edge technologies and services to safeguard their assets, personnel, and data.

Nick Vlasov, Sr Product Manager - Progress

Nick is a Flowmon Product Manager with 13 years of experience leading AI, Finance, Infrastructure, and complex technological products to success. 

Bernard Debauche, Chief Product Marketing - cyberelements

Bernards core business is software product management. He is a Manager, entrepreneur, expert in cybersecurity and integration platforms, and in process management.

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