Cyber Expo Ireland, WHY?


Bringing The Whole Cyber Security Ecosystem Together

Today’s most active battlefield is taking place online. The idea of cyber warfare still seems like science fiction for many, however it’s happening every minute of every day. Of course, this has sparked a huge interest and need for Cyber Security to protect our personal data and company data from attack.

At Renaissance, our focus is to help develop business profitability through security and compliance. Renaissance has been a trusted partner to Irish re-sellers and their customers for over 30 years. We introduce new, cutting edge and industry leading Data Security & Compliance solutions into the Irish market and have helped implement circa 20 new security solutions over the past 5 years.

Now, Renaissance is delighted to announce the hosting of Irelands 1st Cyber Security & Data Compliance Expo, Cyber Expo Ireland.

Why is Renaissance Hosting Cyber Expo Ireland?

Michael Conway, Renaissance Director, stated “The need for such an event has been evident for some years and with the advent of GDPR and the increased cyber threats facing organisations, Renaissance believes that it’s our duty as the leading Data Security Distributor in Ireland to deliver this event.”

Renaissance are responding to market pressure and an increased customer demand to understand practical solutions to protect against and recover from cyber-attacks. Cyber Expo Ireland will therefore bring together key global leaders in the cyber solutions space to do just this.

Who will be attending Cyber Expo Ireland?

This 1-day expo will bring together the whole Cyber Security Ecosystem - Exhibitors, Value-Added Resellers, Security Experts and End Users.

The Exhibitors

  • Rapid7
  • ClearCrypt
  • Cloud24x7
  • Heimdal Security
  • Cososys
  • WatchGuard
  • Macrium Software
  • Trustwave
  • SecurEnvoy
  • Bitdefender
  • Altaro
  • Sophos
  • CensorNet
  • 8MAN
  • Entrust
  • NetFort
  • Safewhere


The Value-Added Resellers

A full list of Value-Added Resellers is coming soon. Watch this space!

The Security Experts

  • Smith & Williamson
  • Mazars
  • Institute of Public Administration
  • Cyber Risk International
  • RITS
  • VM Forensics

What will be happening at Cyber Expo Ireland?

Our 1-day expo will bring together the whole Cyber Security Ecosystem - Exhibitors, Re-Sellers, End Users, IT experts and general business thought-leaders keen to understand what they can do to mitigate security risks to their business. The event will differ from traditional conferences allowing for a much more interactive approach for people to discuss their requirements and find the most appropriate solutions for their needs.

Exhibitor Demos - The exhibitors will be demonstrating the latest technology that is combating cybercrime.

Re-Seller Guidance – There will be re-seller guidance sessions which will give you the opportunity to discover cyber products and solutions that best suit your needs and advice on how to use and implement them.

Expert Insights – Our industry leading experts will be sharing their insights and discussing the latest issues in the cyber space.

Expert 1-to-1 Clinics – There is the opportunity to book a 1-to-1 consultation with our experts to discuss and answer all your questions.

Where is Cyber Expo Ireland being held?

The Irish Management Institute

16 Sandyford Rd,




Tel: 1800 22 33 88 | From abroad: +353 1 207 8400  

Fax: +353 1 295 5147

Email: [email protected]

When is Cyber Expo Ireland?

Wednesday 29th November 2017

We are delighted that so many Exhibitors, Partners and Industry Experts have chosen to support Cyber Expo Ireland and make it possible, including our trusted media sponsor, the Sunday Business Post.

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