Renaissance Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland 2023

Renaissance Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland 2023

The Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland 2023 takes place in a few weeks. It is open to everyone working in an IT sector supplier with a presence in the Ireland marketplace. It is also open to decision-makers and IT & cybersecurity professionals working for public and private sector organisations. The event provides the perfect opportunity for users of security solutions and executive decision-makers responsible for planning and budgeting to talk directly to vendors and experts or attend presentations and talks on relevant topics.

When and Where is Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland?

Cyber Expo and Conference Ireland 2023

Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland 2023 will occur on Tuesday the 16th of May 2023 in The Leopardstown Pavilion. Located to the south of Dublin with excellent access via the motorway network and public transport, The Leopardstown Pavilion provided a fantastic venue for the 2022 event, and we are looking forward to returning.

What is Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland?

Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland is a conference and expo floor event hosted by Renaissance, Ireland's largest IT security distributor. First held in 2017, the Cyber Expo & Conference has become a staple on the annual Ireland IT events calendar.

The Cyber Expo & Conference has two main components.

  • Cyber Expo Ireland - a place to meet experts, see available cybersecurity solutions and chat with security vendors on the expo floor — includes Vendors, Value Added Resellers (VARs), Security Experts, and users from industry who will be able to mingle and chat about all things security and IT.
  • CyberConIreland - expert-led presentations and breakout sessions in which industry experts outline the current landscape in a particular area and discuss how cybersecurity protections can be implemented and maintained. There will be eleven all-new streams in this year's conference, and there are more details on the topics below.

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Read on for an overview of the Keynote address and the eleven cybersecurity streams at the conference that will focus on specific topics relevant to the current threat landscape.

Michael Conway of Renaissance recently talked about what to expect from the 2023 Cyber Expo & Conference in this 10-minute Podcast.

Opening Keynote: Batten Down the Cyber Hatches

The keynote speaker will again be Paul C Dwyer, President of the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force (LinkedIn).

Following on from his 2022 keynote address on EU cybersecurity strategy, Paul will look forward to what the cybersecurity landscape could be in 2030. Using info from ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity), he will present a macro view of the evolving threat landscape using economic and geopolitical instability factors. The question Is a Global Cyber Storm Brewing? Will be asked and addressed. Read more about Paul’s keynote at

Compliance, Insider Risk and Third-Party Risk Management

The modern business environment that private and public organisations operate within uses a complex network of interconnections. No organisation is an isolated island; they all have service partners, vendors, supply chains, and other connections. These are facilitated via IT systems, which introduce cybersecurity risk that is largely out of the control of each individual organisation.

The Compliance, Insider Risk and Third-Party Risk Management stream explores how to assess, manage, and monitor third-party risks and how this process can be continuous.

The stream will be led by Carmel Somers (Human Capital Strategist at ICT Skillnet), and she will be joined by Will Gray (Area Director, Europe North for SecurityScorecard), Szymon Cwieka (Sales Engineer for Energy Logserver) and David Morrow (Chief Marketing Office for Veriato).

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Managed Security Services Challenge (Customer Viewpoint)

Many organisations have seen the benefits of using an external expert MSSP to help deliver their cybersecurity function — either partially to support their internal team or via a fully managed service.

This stream will take a customer-centric look at managed cybersecurity services and address the concerns that decision-makers may have about this pathway to deliver cyber defence.

The stream will be led by Dr Vivienne Mee (Founder at VM Group), and she will be joined by Michael Reeves CISSP (Technical Director Cloud & MSP for Bitdefender), Nihil Morjaria (Chief Revenue Officer for usecure), and Martin Lethbridge (Senior Sales Engineer for WatchGuard Technologies).

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Protecting and Enabling Education

It’s a sad reflection of the world that cybercriminals inhabit, that services like education are a target for their attacks. But here we are. As more education is delivered via online learning platforms (even after the pandemic), educational institutions have become a prime target for ransomware and data exfiltration attacks.

IT teams in education are often overworked and under-resourced. This stream will highlight how IT professionals in education can protect staff and students from cyber threats using real-world examples from the Irish Education sector.

The stream will be led by Emmet Ryan (Editor of Connected Magazine and Business & Technology correspondent at Business Post). He will be joined by Daniel Marsh (Business Development Manager at Zyxel), Luke Smith (Account Manager at Admin By Request) and Donal McGinty (IT Manager at Atlantic Technological University).

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Security in a Microsoft World – The Enhancements You Should Make to Your Microsoft Environment

Microsoft solutions remain in widespread use in organisations of all sizes. The mix of solutions has shifted from traditional on-premise Exchange Servers and Office on endpoint devices to Cloud services like Microsoft 365 for email, productivity, and collaboration online.

This shift has expanded the attack surface that cybercriminals can target. This stream outlines how you can improve your Microsoft platform cybersecurity with changes to system configurations and business practices.

The stream will be led by Sean Reynolds  (Founder & CEO at Rits Information Security). Sean will be joined by Simon Noble (Senior Channel Sales Director at Macrium) and industry experts in Microsoft platform solutions from Bullwall and censornet.

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Simplifying Zero Trust in a Cloud Environment

Zero trust techniques and solutions have emerged to counter the expanding threat surface due to cloud adoption and the erosion of network borders due to hybrid working practices.

On the surface, zero trust seems like a simple cybersecurity concept: Never trust, always verify. But deploying a zero-trust architecture requires end-to-end visibility, automation, orchestration, and other key elements. This stream aims to provide a simplified overview of Zero Trust and insights into how organisations can implement an agile and dynamic security foundation that is flexible enough to meet the challenges faced by remote workforces, evolving threats, and technology trends.

The stream will be led by David Lello (Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Burning Tree). David will be joined by:

  • Andy O'Gorman — EMEA Channel Partner Manager at FileCloud.
  • Richard Searle — VP of Confidential Computing at Fortanix.
  • Jonathan Fussner — Global Head of cyberelements.
  • Paul Fisher — Sales Engineer at Parallels.
  • Chris Page — Channel Technical Manager EMEA for iboss.

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The Cyber Risk and Challenge in a Modern Healthcare Environment

The last few years were a turbulent time for the Irish Healthcare system. A highly publicised outage due to a ransomware attack from the Conti Ransomware gang made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Like the education sector, healthcare is firmly in the sights of bad actors.

Using a discussion on the general state of health sector cybersecurity in Ireland and internationally, the major threats, and why healthcare is specifically vulnerable and targeted, this stream will cover how to mitigate the threats in affordable ways and to manage them within the constraints of the healthcare sector.

The stream will be led by Redmond O'Leary  (Executive Business Advisor). He will be joined by Ed Smart (Partner Business Manager UK&I for Armis), Tristan Bateup (Director of Channel Sales UK & Ireland for SonicWall) and an industry expert from BullWall.

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The Prevalence of Operational Technology and Managing Cyber Risk

The rise of Industry 4.0 and the expansion of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and devices in the built and manufacturing sectors has significantly increased the attack surface. Operational Technology (OT) integration via IT networks has also brought previously isolated industrial and medical equipment online and increased the risk from cyber criminals. We have seen a considerable increase in attacks targeting OT environments as more of them are connected to the web to allow for remote management.

OT is vital to the modern world we all inhabit. It monitors and helps secure power generation and distribution systems, city infrastructure & transport services, drinking & wastewater removal systems, and more.

This stream provides a timely forum to cover this important topic in detail. It will be led by Paul Hearns (PJH Consulting), who will be joined by Barry O'Brien (Solutions Architect at Armis), Roman Cupka (Senior Principle Consultant at Progress) and Rohan Vermeulen (Senior Systems and Security Consultant, CIO at Oleson.)

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VAR to MSP - The Evolution of Cyber Within the Modern Environment

The IT environment and cybersecurity threat surface are constantly changing. With it, the role of the VAR is also shifting to a new focus on creating recurring revenue rather than one-off sales. The aim is to make a sustainable and recurring business over a longer period with less expenditure on sales. This changes the traditional VAR into a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

The demand for managed services is increasing at double-digit rates, and the types of services that organisations are looking for are changing quickly. Creating new and profitable managed services has always been challenging, but as customer requirements evolve, developing profitable services that have appeal and that can be delivered efficiently without significant additional investment is essential.

This stream will showcase solutions designed to meet the changing needs of MSPs to help them create appealing managed service solutions that will drive profitable growth and deliver better outcomes for clients.

It will be led by Paul Hearns (PJH Consulting). Paul will be joined by:

  • George Smith — Senior Business Development Manager in Augmentt.
  • Robert McFeely — CEO of Octiga.
  • Tristan Bateup — Director of Channel Sales UK & Ireland for SonicWall.
  • Alexander Denev — Sales Engineer, Network Monitoring in Progress.
  • Richard Lee – Co-founder and president at Tether formerly EXO5

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Why Email is Still the No. 1 Threat Vector

Email remains an essential business tool. Even with the rise of communication products like Slack and Microsoft Teams, email still delivers most business messaging today.

Email continues to be a significant attack vector for both malware and credential theft through phishing. According to the 2023 Market Guide from Gartner, an estimated 19% of total data breaches are attributed to compromised or stolen credentials; moreover, 40% of ransomware incidents begin with email.

Impersonation and account takeover attacks via Business Email Compromise (BEC) are increasing and causing direct financial loss as users place too much trust in the identities associated with email, which is inherently vulnerable to Phishing attacks, deception, and social engineering. Implementing email security protection for an email domain is essential to a modern cybersecurity strategy. It can protect your users, business partners, and brand reputation.

This stream will discuss email as the top threat vector for malicious attacks and explain how companies can improve their email ecosystem and minimise the risks. It will be led by Alex Burnham (Director of IT Audit & Security at Mazars Ireland). Alex will be joined by Simon Cuthbert (Chief Sales Officer for Liverton Security) and Stephen Simons (Head of Partner Management for Hornet Security).

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Delivering Modern Policing

Details for this stream are still being finalised. Check back before the 16th of May to see what it will deliver.

Post Cyber Attack Response - Exiting the Crisis

To wrap up the day’s events, Paul C Dwyer will return to host a session focusing on recovering from an attack when cybercriminals breach defences. The session will address these points:

  • It is not if, but rather when will a cyberattack will target your organisation.
  • The solutions, protections, and techniques discussed during the Expo & conference are essential to minimise the risks.
  • Detection and response are key.
  • Recovery is also crucial, and this wrap-up session will outline the best way to approach recovery.

Paul will present some case studies on actions taken after attacks and then moderate an industry panel with experts who will outline the common mistakes many organisations make when dealing with the issues resulting from a cyberattack. The need for a cyber incident response plan and planning will be addressed.


The eleven streams outlined above will contain topics relevant to all IT executives and other decision-makers. When coupled with the opportunities to chat with industry experts and vendors on the Expo floor, Cyber Expo & Conference Ireland 2023 is not an event you want to miss. Sign up to attend today.

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