Cyber Expo Ireland 2019 – Countdown to November 26th

Cyber Security Data Compliance Expo

Cyber Expo Ireland 2019 - Countdown to November 26th

We are delighted to be hosting the third annual Cyber Expo Ireland in Dublin at the end of November 2019. Last years event was a great success, and the 2019 event will be even better. We are once again returning to the Irish Management Institute in Dublin, and encourage you to sign up and attend this open event.

The 2019 event will once again have a broad mix of Vendors, Value Added Resellers (VARs), Security Experts, and end-users brought together to discuss cybersecurity issues and solutions. This year's event has been extended to include workshop sessions operating under the banner of CyberConIreland. These sessions will deliver in-depth how-to information on cybersecurity. Feedback from last year flagged up that sessions like these would be something that would be of benefit to business and IT professionals.

Cyber Expo & CyberConIreland Knowledge Tracks

The cybersecurity landscape is complex and rapidly changing. Experts in the field can often make assumptions that business and IT professionals in organisations they work with are up to speed on the different attack types and evolving threats. This is not always the case, as most professionals are very busy fulfilling other essential roles within their organisations. The CyberConIreland sessions, in conjunction with the product showcases and expert advice via Cyber Expo, will provide business & IT professionals at all levels with the opportunity to learn in-depth about the various security threats and countermeasures available. This will enable them to have more detailed and meaningful conversations with cybersecurity solution providers, and therefore make more informed business and buying decisions.

CyberConIreland will have content from world-class providers on cutting edge technologies across the subjects of cybersecurity, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain use, and data science (including AI, machine learning, and big data solutions).

There will also be real-world case studies and panel discussions spread across six knowledge tracks split over two times:

Session 1 - 10:00 to 12:00

Seminar Area 1: Identity & Rights Management

Stream Lead Facilitator: Anthony Mornet, Managing Director, IAM Experts

-      How to correctly manage and secure access and accounts when IT services are spread over multiple cloud and local services. The focus will include information security policies, target operating models, assessing risk for access management, implementing IT Controls, plus business, education & awareness.

Seminar Area 2: Malware

Stream Lead Facilitator: Alex Burnham, Director of IT Audit and Security, Mazars

-      Detailed advice on how to protect your organisation from all the different types of malware. Including destructive malware and ransomware. How to recover from an attack that has succeeded will also be covered.


-      Kelvin Murray, Senior Threat Researcher, Webroot: “The rise of targeted Cyber-attacks to SMBs and MSPs”

-      Burak Agca, Enterprise Sales Engineer: “Lookout – Securing Mobility.”

Seminar Area 3: Information Compliance & Regulation

Stream Lead Facilitator: Paul Hearns, Head of Content, Mediateam Ltd

- The classification of data, data protection, and data identification for GDPR and PCI will be covered in this session. Surveys show that there is still a surprising number of executives who don't know how GDPR affects their organisation. If you are not sure, then attend this session to find out and ask questions.


-      Tim Thurlings, CTO, Bluedog: “Securing your network 2.7: looking for people rather than devices “

Session 2 – 12:00 to 1:00pm

Seminar Area 1: Application Security

Presenter: Paul Farrington, CTO, Veracode: The State of Software Security and what it means for you.

-      Software has changed the way we communicate, provide healthcare, conduct business, run our governments, elect our leaders, mount revolutions and even spur social change. In the digital world, the creation of software will help spur economic growth, and improve our quality of life. But our greatest catalyst for change is also the source of vulnerability. Veracode's EMEA CTO we'll be presenting the results of the annual State of Software Security Report and will provide a practical view on what the findings mean for you as an organisation.

Session 3 - 13:30 to 15:00

Seminar Area 1: Messaging

Stream Lead Facilitator: Dr Vivienne Mee, Founder, VM Group

-      How can you make sure your email is secure? This session will tell you how to do that, and how you can encrypt attachments. Plus, how to restrict who can open emails using digital rights management.


-      Keith Joseph, Channel Director, Northern Europe, Altaro: "Office 365 – Is it watertight and is it fast becoming an inaccessible silo for business-critical data?"

-      Oliver Tribe, SR Enterprise Account Manager, Agari: "Demystifying DMARC "

-      Jamie Davies Enterprise Account Executive, Egress: "Can’t stop, won’t stop: How to actually prevent email data breaches’"

Seminar Area 2: Security Analytics & Management –

Stream Lead Facilitator: Dave Feenan, Innovation Programs Manager, Skillnet

-      Getting useful data on how your application and network security is performing is vital in the ongoing battle with malicious cybercriminals. This session will cover Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), Behaviour Anomaly Detection (BAD or UEBA) and Threat Intelligence reporting so you can stay ahead.


-      Rod Crook, Executive Director, Ascertia: “Protecting corporate data against unauthorised change”

-      Stephen Burke, CEO, CyberRiskAware: “Workplace Behavior- Building effective human firewalls”

-      Peter Galvin, Channel Manager SSL – Northern Europe, Entrust Datacard: “Benefits of a good lifecycle management plan- QWAC /PSD2”

Seminar Area 3: Gateway & network security

Stream Lead Facilitator: Sean Reynolds, CEO, Rits Group

-      The border of your network is the first and one of the most important places to apply security. Preventing malicious code and traffic from getting into your systems is vital. This session will cover the best techniques for securing the network borders and gateways to other networks.


-      Tudor Florescu, Sales Engineer and Bitdefender Product Evangelist: “Cybersecurity Grows Up – Shifting from Prevention to Early Detection & Remediation”

Expertise in attendance

Close to 40 cybersecurity organisations will be in attendance for Cyber Expo and CyberConIreland on the 26th November. All will be showing their solutions and will be available for discussions about your particular needs. Here is the latest list split into types:


Agari • Altaro • Appixoft • Ascertia • BitDefender • Bluedog • Bullwall • Censornet • Clearcrypt • CoSoSys • Cyber Risk Aware • Cyglass • Egress • Entrust • Exo5, Fraudwatch • N-Cipher • OKTA • Keeper • Lookout • Security Scorecard • Sophos • Threatmark • Veracode • Webroot


Intuity • Future Range • Ergo • Automate • Unity • NSSL • PFH • ITMS • Qualcom • Leaf

Make sure to keep up to date with us on our WebsiteLinkedin and Twitter as we make regular updates on additional exhibitors/speakers as they are confirmed.


The Cyber Expo and CyberConIreland event is open to all IT trade and end-user organisations operating in Ireland. Register today and join us on the 26th November to find out the latest in cybersecurity thinking and products. Alternatively, contact us today if you want to start a conversation about your organisation's cybersecurity.

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