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Less than 1 week to go until Cyber Expo 2018, the countdown is now on!

With over 43% of businesses experiencing a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months, the cyber battle continues.  Organisations need to be aware of the risks and understand their responsibilities and options in an ever changing landscape.

The increasing cyber threats, along with the introduction of GDPR has sparked a huge interest and emphasis on the need for Cyber Security solutions to protect our private, personal and company data.

Solution Vendors Represented
Endpoint Protection Sophos, Cososys, Bitdefender, Ericom, Data443, Entrust
Permission / Compliance Entrust Datacard, Bitdefender,  Tenfold, Indegy, Sophos, Solarwinds
Network Analysis Netfort, NetShield, Indegy, CensorNet, Watchguard, Solarwinds
Encryption Sophos, ClearCrypt, Bitdefender, Bullwall, Trustwave, Jetico
Ransomware Bullwall, Sophos, Netfort, Heimdal, Bitdefender, Altaro, Cososys
Authentication & identity Management Entrust, CA Technologies , Bitdefender, Sophos
Backup & Disaster Recovery Altaro, Cososys, Heimdal, Clearcrypt
Compliance Security Scorecard, Cyglass, Entrust, Indegy
Phishing & Email Protection Agari
Risk Discovery PixAlert
Realtime Application Management AppiXoft
Data Classification Data443, ClearCrypt, Trustwave
Malware Bullwall, Heimdal, Sophos, Bitdefender
User Management AppiXoft,

Responding to market pressure and an increased customer demand to understand practical cyber security solutions, Cyber Expo 2018 will bring together the whole Cyber Security Ecosystem under one roof including Vendors, Resellers, Security Experts & thought leaders to connect and engage with End Users & Organisations based in Ireland.

Cyber Expo 2018 will provide solutions from Twenty-Six world class vendors for various cyber security issues, some of which include;


Thirteen Value-Added Resellers and managed service providers will be on hand to explain how to integrate these new technologies into existing customer infrastructures:

·         Actionpoint

·          Commsec

·          CARA

·          DNA

·          IT

·         Futurerange

·          IAM Experts

·          Intuity

·         ITMS

·          NSSL


·         Paradyn

·          Pemari

·          Qualcom

·         Unity

Alongside Five Security Experts sharing their industry leading insights via expert talks.

  • Burning Tree
  • Mazars
  • RITS
  • Smith & Williamson
  • VM Forensics

With such positive responses and reviews from last year’s Cyber Expo…

“With over 600 attending on the day, the delegates were welcomed into what can only be described as a practical but serious demonstration of the latest global cyber security software available on the market.”

Sunday Business Post

“An event such as this is going to help us understand what the Irish market needs.”

Simon Cuthbert, Head of International, 8man

“It’s fantastic & unique that you brought resellers, vendors and end users together, delivering value for all 3.”

Dermot Hayden, Sales Manager Ireland, Sophos

We have been laying solid foundations for Cyber Expo Ireland 2018 and look forward to delivering an even bigger and better Expo this year which will add value for all.

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