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In 1853, Dublin was the home of the largest international event held to date – The Great Industrial Exhibition. This event had its own building, The Irish Industrial Exhibition Building, which was located in the grounds of Leinster House. It took place between 12th May and 31st October and played host to such dignitaries as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The event was entirely funded by prominent Irish entrepreneur, William Dargan, who was responsible for creating Irish Railways. The aim of the event was to bring the Industrial Revolution to Ireland, which was behind other countries due to the Irish Famine. It showcased the best of Irish Industry including Irish furniture, linen, lace, Bogwood carvings and Celtic Revival Jewellery. There were also exhibits from America and Australia.

Irish Industry is very different today. Dublin is now home to many large IT companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft. Whilst many of the industries showcased in the Great Industrial Exhibition are still alive in Ireland, it is fair to say that IT has overtaken them. Talking of overtaking things, Ireland doesn’t lag behind other countries in the Information Revolution, it leads them. Against this backdrop, we present The Modern Industrial Exhibition, Cyber Expo Ireland.

Cyber Expo Ireland showcases the best of the Cyber Security industry (and let’s face it, IT wouldn’t last long without Cyber Security). World leaders in Cyber Security demonstrate their best and most exciting projects. Resellers get to meet and mingle with global leaders and representatives from business across Ireland. End users have a unique opportunity to consult with top global solution providers, along the local experts and organisations to expand their learnings on all things Cyber!

We’ve come a long way since 1853, we no longer lag, we lead; we don’t just bring the best exhibitors from the rest of the world for a one-off event, we bring the best in the world of Cyber Security to your door, at showcases and every day.

Don’t miss out, if you want to keep your IT on the rails, join us at Cyber Expo Ireland!

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