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The cyber battle continues, every minute of every day there are 1000's of attacks being executed by hackers and criminals. The increasing awareness of cyber threats, along with the introduction of GDPR, sparked huge interest and emphasised the need for Cyber Security solutions to protect our private, personal and company data.

That is why Renaissance launched Cyber Expo Ireland in November 2017. It brought the issues into context within the Irish market and we are delighted to announce the return of Cyber Expo Ireland at the IMI, Dublin on the 28th of November 2018.

The aim for Cyber Expo Ireland was to bring together the whole Cyber Security Ecosystem under one roof with the inclusion of Vendors, Resellers, Security Experts, Thoughts leads to connect with End Users & Organisations (600+ attendees) based in Ireland. By doing this, we provided value across the whole security framework and we are expecting more in November 2018.

We hosted,

  • 6 Security Experts shared their industry leading insights via Expert Talks and 1-to-1 consultations that were on-going throughout the day.
  • 21 exhibitors from the US, Europe, UK and Ireland who provided a real sense of how technology has advanced to stay one step ahead of the rapidly growing Cyber Crime Industry.
  • 9 Value-Added Resellers who were on hand to explain how to integrate these new technologies into existing customer infrastructures

Topics of discussion and expert insights included themes such as;

  • Defending Against Ransomware
  • Understanding & Simplifying GDPR
  • Baselining Data Security
  • Protecting Against Cyber Crime

The feedback received from Cyber Expo Ireland 2017 was very positive and there was great sense of value creation for all involved.

Check out our video highlighting the day’s events

The positive responses below indicated that such an event was badly needed in the industry…

“With over 600 attending on the day, the delegates were welcomed into what can only be described as a practical but serious demonstration of the latest global cyber security software available on the market.”

Dermot Hayden, Sales Manager Ireland, Sophos

“An event such as this is going to help us understand what the Irish market needs.”


Sunday Business Post

“It’s fantastic & unique that you brought resellers, vendors and end users together, delivering value for all 3.”


Simon Cuthbert, Head of International, 8man

With the success and popularity of last year in mind, as well as the positive feedback received during and since Cyber Expo Ireland 2017, we have been laying solid foundations for Cyber Expo Ireland 2018 and are now looking forward to delivering an even bigger and better Expo on the 28th of November.

Registrations are now open! Click here to register FREE today.

With only 4 months to go, make sure to keep up to date with Cyber Expo Ireland as we post regular blogs, social content, updates and announcements! You can Click Here to visit our website and you can also keep up to date via Our Renaissance LinkedIn Page or Renaissance Twitter

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