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Renaissance are delighted to announce the return of Cyber Expo Ireland at the IMI, Dublin in November 2018.

At Cyber Expo Ireland we bring together the whole cyber security ecosystem – Vendors, Resellers, Security Experts, End Users & general business thought leaders. By doing this, we provide value across the whole security framework.

The vendors are able to demonstrate their latest technology that is combating cyber-crime. The resellers are on hand to discuss and advise the best solutions for specific business needs and the security experts share their industry leading insights in the world of cyber security, data protection and compliance. Furthermore, the end users benefit from seeing and using the latest tech in the cyber space, networking with industry professionals and essentially enhancing the cyber security within their organisations whilst increasing the awareness of such issues.

Cyber Expo Ireland – The Ecosystem

Last year, our cyber security ecosystem flourished with 21 vendors, 9 value added resellers, 6 security experts and over 600 end users from around the world and we expect more in 2018.  

Our Vendors included;

8man, AppiXoft, Altaro, Bitdefender, CA Technologies, CensorNet, ClearCrypt, Cloud24x7, Cososys, Entrust Datacard, Heimdal Security, Macrium Software, NetFort, NetShield, PixAlert, Rapid7, Safewhere, SecurEnvoy, Sophos, Trustwave and WatchGuard.

Our Value-Added Resellers included;

Cara Network Solutions, CommSec, Datapac, Qualcom, ActionPoint, Arkphire,  NetForce, NSSL and Unity.

Our Security Experts included;

CRI, IPA, Rits, Smith & Williamson, Mazars and VM Group.

The world is forever changing, and this is no different for the cyber industry. Businesses and their networks are being attacked on a daily basis and this trend is only set to increase as time progresses and technology advances. This means organisations must be aware of the risks and understand their responsibilities.



At our Expo, we aim to inform everyone on the latest cyber threats and responsibilities. Topics of discussion and expert insights include such things such as;

  • Defending Against Ransomware
  • Protecting Against Cyber Crime
  • Understanding & Simplifying GDPR
  • Baselining Data Security

Cyber Expo Ireland 2018 will be a 1-day expo where the whole Cyber Security Ecosystem will come together under one roof at the IMI, Dublin. With the success and popularity of 2017, we hope to deliver a bigger and better Expo in November 2018.

We are currently laying solid foundations for Cyber Expo Ireland 2018 and registrations will open in September 2018. In the meantime, we will be posting regular updates, blogs and other social content about any advancements.

You can also keep up to date with Cyber Expo Ireland  via Renaissance LinkedIn Page or Renaissance Twitter

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