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Where is the most active battlefield in the world? At sea?  On the ground? In the air? WRONG!

Today's most active battlefield is online, the very place we spend a significant amount of our working day and personal time. Although the idea of cyber warfare still seems like science fiction for many, it’s happening every minute of every day, with 1000s of attacks being executed every second. Of course, this has sparked a huge interest and need for Cyber Security solutions to protect our personal and company data from attack.

That is why Renaissance launched Cyber Expo Ireland in November 2017. It brought this very issue into context within the Irish market.

There were 21 exhibitors from the US, Europe, UK and Ireland who provided a real sense of how the technology has advanced to keep one step ahead of the rapidly growing Cyber Crime Industry. Furthermore, 9 featured Value-Added Resellers were on hand to advise as to how to integrate these into existing customer infrastructures and a selection of Security Experts shared their industry leading insights via Expert Talks and 1-to-1 consultations.

The feedback received from Cyber Expo Ireland 2017 was overwhelmingly positive there was great sense of value creation for all involved…

“An event such as this is going to help us understand what the Irish market needs.”

Simon Cuthbert, Head of International, 8man

“With over 600 attending on the day, the delegates were welcomed into what can only be described as a practical but serious demonstration of the latest global cyber security software available on the market.”

Sunday Business Post

“It’s fantastic & unique that you brought resellers, vendors and end users together, delivering value for all 3.”

Dermot Hayden, Sales Manager Ireland, Sophos

Check out our video highlighting the days events

These positive responses were received across the whole security ecosystem and it was the general consensus that such an event has been badly needed in the industry.

With that in mind and based on the feedback both during and since the expo, the structure and content were relevant and needed. With this, our focus is now on laying the foundation for Cyber Expo Ireland 2018!

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