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Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin



This is one of my favourite quotes, having attended endless seminars and presentations over the years I really struggle to articulate what I remember from them? (It’s not very much).

The thing is Benjamin Franklin was right, the human mind deals with information in very different ways.  If we look at the three-divided memory categories, based on the amount of time a memory lasts (Immediate, Working, and Long-Term Memory) the shortest memories last only a few milliseconds, immediate memories, memories lasting about a minute or so are, working memories, and memories lasting anywhere from an hour to many years are called long-term memories.

When we seek new information or knowledge we would like to think that some or most of that information will be help in Long-term memories.

Seminars V Expo’s

Now I am not going to bash Seminars, and when done well they are have their place.

For Seminars to work the presenters need to adopt a number of techniques and not engage in death by power point!

TELL STORIES: Human kind have passed on learning via stories from the earliest days. We all know how we get drawn in, our brains seem wired in such away they are equipped to remember them.

ANALOGIES TO HELP EXPLAIN: Analogies make things familiar. Using something that is familiar to everyone can be of great help explaining something that may not be familiar to the wider audience.

AUTHENTIC EXAMPLES: Make abstract things real! Rather than try and bombard people with lots of facts and stats, show them how your product or service has been used.

REPETITION: The old adage remains, if you have something to say, then say it, say it again and (you guessed it!) say it again.

Expo’s however bring another “added” dimension, the ability to get involved.  There is nothing better than experiencing things up close and personal to get involved. 

I am looking forward to Ireland’s first Cyber Expo: Cyber Security Ireland at the Irish Management Institute next week. This is a unique opportunity to get hands on with 20+ security vendors.  Along with half a dozen experts who are available 1-2-1 throughout the day, we are set to provide the advice and guidance required to secure Ireland's enterprise.

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