The Essence of Cyber Security



“Traditional ways to deal with information--reading, listening, writing, talking--are painfully slow in comparison to "viewing the big picture." Those who survive information overload will be those who search for information with broadband thinking but apply it with a single-minded focus.”

― Kathryn Alesandrini, Survive Information Overload


Working in the heart of the Cyber Security Sector I am aware of the challenges and seemingly relentless pressure possible by cyber threats. As we prepare for Irelands first Cyber Security Expo I thought I would take some time out see what our partners are saying.  I was impressed with their focus; each vendor is totally committed to what they do and are passionate about their brand of cyber solutions.  I was enthused by the conversations and wanted to share some of their insights, but I am conscious that I too could fall into the trap of information overload!


So, if I may, I would like to draw your attention back to the image above, I asked my team to collate the information our vendors have provided for the event and then pull that information in into a “Wordle” - The objective was to see if I could see the essence of what they were saying, the word size is proportionate to how many times it has been referenced in written communication.

I guess its told me three things, firstly is clear what everyone is focused on, Security, Data, Solutions, Customers & Support.

It’s easy now to put in one sentence what our vendors do, “they are focused on delivering solutions to customers that supports and secures your Data.” It’s that simple.

Secondly, with the right tools you can get some real value out of your data!

Finally, its good sometimes to take a step back, hit the pause button and reflect on what’s important. 

My aim for the Cyber Security Expo, is to provide that opportunity, an environment to take a step back and make some sense of the challenges we are all facing.  We have assembled a team of experts who can offer you advice and insights on the day, combining that with expert advice demonstrations of the extensive technologies that will help support you on your cyber journey.

We look forward to seeing you on the day