An organisations network and IT infrastructure is a vital asset and it’s becoming increasingly more important over time with advances in technology. Furthermore, there is an expectation that it should function around the clock, every day with minimal disruptions or problems. However, this is far from the case with the increasing level of cyber threats and increasing number of cyber-attacks that happen every second of everyday. To understand the scale of the problem, you can view the vast number of cyber-attacks happening in real time by clicking here.

With the increasing importance of IT infrastructures and the increasing number of cyber-attacks, it’s imperative that IT security is at an acceptable level by increasing the security of the IT infrastructure itself. This can be achieved by Baselining Your Data Security -  developing a security baseline to strengthen the security of the organisations resources, assets and valuable data. Without baselining your data security, the company is an easy target for cyber criminals, exposing them to data theft, revenue losses and a damaged reputation and company image. Therefore, it’s highly important that companies introduce the correct data security solutions to protect against the 1000s of attacks that occur daily.

How can you baseline your data security?

Understanding the perfect solutions for your business can be a difficult task, with the number of innovative products and services on the market. This begs the question, where to start?

Renaissance are hosting Ireland’s 1st Cyber Security Expo, Cyber Expo Ireland! The event will be held at the Irish Management Institute, Dublin, on 29th November 2017 and baselining data security will be a key theme throughout the day.

This 1-day expo will bring together the whole cyber security ecosystem including;

Exhibitors / Vendors – There will be over 18 exhibitors providing demos on their latest tech in the cyber space.

Re-sellers - Our resellers will be hosting guidance sessions where you will be able to talk through and understand your specific business needs and recommend the perfect products for your organisation.

Security Experts – We have 6 security experts attending the event and they will sharing industry leading insights into the world of cyber security. They will also be hosting 1-to-1 clinics to answer any specific questions you may have.

End Users – The event is FREE and is open to all end-users, IT experts and general business thought-leaders, keen to understand how they can baseline their data security.

By bringing the whole cyber security ecosystem together, baselining your data security will be much easier. Networking with industry leaders and experts is a great way to start your journey and find your security baseline.

For more info on Cyber Expo Ireland, click here

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